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Every year, I try to offer you a new color of plain sport fabric.

In 2018, I started with a base color, black. We're not going to hide it, black is the base, it's not messy, it's versatile and we like that it refines our silhouette.

2018- Black


In 2019, I chose a dark gray, a charcoal gray. I tried to find the perfect sample for my supplier. Once sent a match was made. I approved the sample, and BINGO, a month later I received my order!


2019- Charcoal


A little more about our plain sports fabrics...

The plain sport fabrics are woven here in Quebec. The manufacturing process is eco-responsible since it uses 70% less water, 70% less heat and therefore 70% less energy to manufacture it.

In addition, it is quite thick (220 gsm) which allows a good flexibility, a good extensibility as well as a good opacity.

The fabric does not accumulate hair, which for me is a VERY VERY good news!

(you understand... (hihihihi))


The fabric is so smooth that the hairs slip and do not adhere to the fibers. I'm a proud user of APRT Sport Black Leggings and after nearly 1.5 years of use, high heat drying, mountain hiking, obstacle courses, the fabric still looks so good!

(I swear to you)


I expected to see the small polyester fibers break and become visible to the eyes of those around us and yet... this is not the case.


In 2019, what is new with now 2 plain sport fabrics is the Mix and Match


You can now combine prints with plain colors and have the choice! At last!

We even offer black on gray or gray on black raglan models to match the same gray of your shorts/leggings.



It's a fetish product here at APRT :)

If you want to propose a new color for 2020, do it here: info@aprtcreations.ca


With that said, see you soon!



June 21, 2019 — APRTCréations Admin

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