APRT Mystery box




If you are someone who likes to be surprised, I am sure that the mystery box will please you!

When you buy a mystery box from APRT, you know that, within 2 weeks, you will receive a parcel containing one APRT accessory and one APRT item of clothing.

Essentially, you get a nice surprise at a reduced price!

-40% discounts

- Personalized products

- Unique products

- No identical mystery box!

- The gift idea of ​​the century

If you don't like surprises, then the mystery box is not for you. I therefore advise you to continue shopping at www.aprtcreations.ca

*The mystery box is a final sale. It cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.

All our products are handmade with love in Drummondville!

Thanks for buying local and choosing APRT,