Sticking together during tough times
In these more difficult times, with confinement and many businesses closed, it is rather difficult to do well. This anxiety-provoking period allows many consumers to review their priorities, and that is a good thing! Buy less, but buy better. Buying local has never been so popular, but above all, so important!
APRT Créations is a small Drummondville company that does not have a storefront since everything is done on the Web. With a workshop in the basement of the house, it is easy to have control over the cleaning and disinfection of our equipment and different products before sending you your packages. An entire protocol has been put in place to ensure sanitized products.
This is an opportunity for APRT Créations to create links with several entrepreneurs who are in the same situation. Encourage each other, support each other and collaborate together: we will emerge even stronger from this crisis!
We are proud to imagine, create and manufacture our clothes entirely here, in Quebec. We therefore experience fewer production delays. In addition to putting local people to work, we can in turn encourage the local economy. Although we have suppliers all over the world, whether in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, in the United States as well as in Asia, we assume total production. When our fabrics come from foreign countries, certain delays may apply in addition to fairly high costs. That said, we keep up the pace and continue to work hard to offer you clothing designed and designed for ICI women!
We thank you for supporting local by purchasing quality clothing, designed in Quebec by women like you. 😊 
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-The APRT team
April 28, 2020 — APRTCréations Admin

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