We will become ROSAROIS in the fall of 2022!

Some time ago, we started shopping for small farmhouses. A little dream that had been buried inside me since day #1 (in 2014) when I was buying my townhouse in St-Nicéphore. But with a few life pitfalls, the pandemic and other accomplishments, the project was on indefinite hiatus. Anyway I had a nice place to live and where to do APRT.

With time, the horses which took a new place in my life and the meeting of Pascal, my lover, the project to settle down together, to return to the sources, in countryside became more and more realizable. It must also be said that for the past 2 years, the call to the sources, to the earth has been felt more and more.

In 2022, it's not easy to shop for affordable farmhouses, at least with everything you want as criteria. Nevertheless, after a few visits and some time, we finally found our little piece of paradise!
We can't wait to share our lives and our daily lives there, can't wait to embark on new projects!

What about APRT?


Most importantly, our clothing return address will change.

We will keep a pick-up point in Drummondville given our large clientele in this region. He will be downtown at the Tes Fleurs business located at 416 Rue Saint-Jean.

The workshop will be relocated to St-Rosaire and there will also be a pick-up point that will be shared when the new workshop is in operation.

As the new workshop will be smaller than our old one, we will take the opportunity to update our storage, order planning and inventory management.

We can't wait to show you our new workshop as well as our living environment :)

Our house is for sale! Visit the workshop!


August 09, 2022 — Annie-Pier Raymond

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