Well yes, after Black Friday, we haven't finished spoiling you.

I thought of several scenarios to make December a month of joy, surprises but also generosity. It was hard to think of something that wouldn't overload our production floor for the holiday season. So I told myself that I was going to make a mini advent calendar, but over 15 days, from December 1st to December 15th.

As we have our deadline of December 3, 2020 to order from our online store and your order arrives before Christmas, we have opted for an Advent calendar with ready to go!

So tomorrow, December 1st, we will start the Advent calendar with a great promotion, that of having a surprise reusable individual protective mask, with the purchase of an order of more than $50.00 before taxes.

It's also a time for us to celebrate the month of December, the end of the year 2020 (well, ha ha) and to tell you that we will be on vacation throughout the month of January 2021.

It will finally be the time for us to move forward with personal projects, working on the project of riding pants for women as well as shorts and sports leggings for men! (AND YES!)


Well yes 2021, we won't stop surprising you.

January 2021 will also be a time to "ground" myself to the earth, to life by taking care of my animals, by practicing my favorite sports: cross-country skiing, ski jogging, snowshoeing, ice skating and 'horse riding.

I'm also going to tame several of my readings into my list of books to read.

But simply live and empty the bad to recharge myself with positive! Who said winter was going to be boring? :)

What does this mean for the online store?

It will be ready to go. The online store will remain open with one shipment per week. Several products will be "sold out" but will return on Monday February 1st when we return.

Communication will be slow, as will refunds/exchanges. You too can enjoy your winter!

Do you also have plans? Leave them in comments :)

November 30, 2020 — Annie-Pier Raymond

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