Nearly two weeks have passed since our 5th anniversary and I'm taking the time to sit down and tell you how we celebrated this event!

First of all, the week before our event was dedicated to finalizing the 5 remaining orders at the workshop before the holidays, as well as planning the preparations for the event.

What you didn't know is that I had this idea in 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. I wanted to prepare for a big sale. I wanted to rent a warehouse, bring all our inventory there. I wanted to LITERALLY EMPTY my ENTIRE workshop! Well, as you can imagine, I had to come back to Earth and I told myself that with the rental of the room, comes the insurance and the numerous trips to place our products there. Then I thought I might do this at home!

As our @Friday13 event happened around the same dates, and it wouldn't come back again, what a great idea to reclaim my company's party and at the same time celebrate our 5th anniversary in the form of sharing, festivities and celebration of 'summer !

So it was a GO!!!

I had the crazy idea to do this big!

1 month before I created the Facebook event.

3 weeks before I was looking for collaborations with my favorite artisans and professional services to put together an ULTRA SUPER BEAUTIFUL gift bag that I would distribute to 20 lucky participants.

2 weeks before I started buying and preparing FOOD!
(yes, I was pretty obsessed with all the food we had for you that day. I was almost more excited for you to taste our cupcakes and cake pops than to see you try on clothes HIHIHI!)
1 week before I finalized the cake pops and cupcakes. It was lucky that Justine Lapratte helped me make 54 cake pops because my first batch of 17 didn't go very well (thanks to a little pre-event stress!).
Thursday July 8: there were 3 of us in the house to inflate balloons, label clothes, start placing shelves and clothes. A big thank you to my mother and my friend Andréanne for each generously offering more than 5 hours of work so that we would be ready for the next day.
During this week I stressed a lot and followed the weather trends so that the weather would be good for our outdoor event.
Friday July 9
!!!!!!! OUR EVENT!!!!!!
6:00 a.m.: My dial rings, I sort myself out a little, knowing very well that I have little time for that. I'm waiting for my helpers around 7:00 a.m. The weather is uncertain and I tell myself GO, I'll take the chance to do everything outside as planned! So I start installing balloons, creating a decor, placing the shelves on the terrace and installing the COVID health instructions sheets.
6:30 a.m.: My friend Geneviève arrives at my house to help me (yes, it's early!).
7:45 a.m.: The first customers begin to arrive. They position themselves on an X 2 meters from the others and wait for the opening from 8 a.m. The top 10 won a gift bag of 12 precious collaborations!
8:00 a.m.: WOW, I'm a stupid chicken, I think everything is ready, FINALLY we're opening!
We had a very beautiful day outside without rain where our customers could snack on appetizers, drink Tchaga or sparkling kombucha, try on our clothes and shop all our inventory at the workshop.
5 lucky customers won surprise prizes during the day and one lucky customer won a $200 gift certificate for participating in the event.
The evening ended around 7:30 p.m., the time when we saw our last customer leave.
I did a little post-mortem of that day and I said to myself that there would definitely be a 2nd edition! Many would have liked to participate, which I took note of.
Thank you to all my precious customers for making this day a real success!
July 13, 2021 — Annie-Pier Raymond

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