Here's what's been happening over the last 3 months!

YES YES, APRT is pregnant!

YES YES, APRT baby will take a small place in our online store.


I simmered the idea between my naps and my nauseated mornings and I concluded that I would like to offer you some practical, functional and durable little clothes for maternity but also for young children at affordable prices.

As you know, several women wear our clothes and/or have worn our clothes up to 32 weeks. As APRT is above all a comfortable but also functional fashion, I hope not to create too many maternity clothes, but just to use my everyday APRT clothes.

Whatever.... maternity sports leggings are already created! hihihi!

As for clothing for young children, it would not be in my values ​​to purchase children's clothing when I have my own sewing workshop at home. I will prioritize used clothing in large quantities and keep the pleasure of making basic clothing in my favorite fabrics, essentials that will be durable, functional and affordable. I would like to offer you simplicity at a low price. I never really found Quebec companies that sold quality products at low prices. As I have the chance to make a range of women's clothing, I use a lot of waste to make accessories, cloths for the garage and mechanics, testing new clothes, headbands etc. From now on they will have a new use in my workshop which is to make little pants or little sweaters.

For those who would like to know the answer.... Yes on occasion I could do Mix and Match. Please note, however, that APRT's guiding principle remains and will always remain women's fashion because that is what inspires me the most. I love offering you clothes that make you feel like a woman, or clothes you could spend your life in!

Mid-April 2024, BB1 will appear in our family and you will be able to follow our news and our news about young families in the countryside :)

We can't wait! See you soon!


November 20, 2023 — Annie-Pier Raymond

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