Hello women!

I've been thinking about 2023 for a while now and I'd like to talk to you a little bit about what's to come for us.

As you've seen, fall 2022 was pretty rock and roll. My boyfriend and I moved in together, we went through the sale of our respective homes, bought our country house, renovated, built and improved our little house and like all good things, there had questions, re-questions, decision-making and choices.

Don't worry, APRT will still be there in 2023!

APRT will be on its X more than ever. I am so proud to promote QUEBEC clothing, for today's woman, that I could not stop offering you creations that are comfortable and functional, thought out, designed and designed here in Quebec, in our workshop in St. -Rosary.

I can't imagine buying my clothes anywhere but from us hihi! :)

For the rest, APRT will be simpler, truer, more "grounded" to life, to nature, to the time we share, to the relationships we maintain. These last 2 years have given me a lot of thoughts and questions about what I want to offer as a product, the image I want to project of myself (Annie-Pier) but also of my company. I also believe that these last 2 years have been very revealing for many of us.

In a society where infinite growth is strongly encouraged, here we believe that staying small prioritizes better listening and attention to our customers, better working relationships, product customizations, human presence, as well as better communication of our corporate mission of making comfortable, functional products for women.

You will certainly notice small changes in our product offering, in the content shared, in our approach and on our online platform.

By dint of following a common business model and living in a society that conveys certain messages, it is easy to put yourself on autopilot.

This is why APRT has made it its mandate to keep a beautiful humanity with its loyal customers and to put back on the table what really matters to all of us in 2023.

I can't wait to show you more. You will also see a great novelty from the beginning of January, our new online store YAYYYYY!

Share your thoughts with us in comments if you have any :) It will be a great pleasure to read you!


December 03, 2022 — Annie-Pier Raymond


Hélène said:

Quelle joie de lire ceci. ApRT fait partie de notre quotidien. De maintenir la proximité avec nous, ta clientèle, c’est digne de ton grand coeur. Tu es à l’écoute, tu crées chaque vêtement avec ta passion et tu valorises beaucoup la femme en passant par l’atteinte de leur bien-être 😌 Chapeau !!

Véronique Cloutier said:

Continue ton beau travail, ton écoute je te souhaite une belle 2023 a la hauteur de tes attentes

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