In our Instagram stories , I recently asked you what kind of article you would like to read in the coming weeks. Whether it's about entrepreneurship, about the beginnings of APRT, about our vacation activities or about what's coming for 2021.

It is with A LOT of interest that you wanted me to tell you a little more about what is coming for 2021!

First, I slightly “teased” you in a previous blog article, with horse-themed clothing. YES, we reveal to you that there will be a prototype of riding pants which will take place at APRT! We can't wait! We estimate that we will be able to present it to you at the end of March or mid-April.

Then, since APRT makes the boyfriends of our loyal customers jealous or envious, we decided to start working on a prototype of pants and shorts for men! YES ! YES ! Guys, you will be very happy! If you secretly wished for this to happen, then your wish will be granted. So far our prototype is working great! We believe we can offer it to you at the same time as our small spring-summer 2021 collection which will arrive at the beginning of May.


New for 2021!

We now also offer you our monthly box signed APRT in which you will find 4 items and which changes EVERY month. Please note that we only have 10 boxes available each month, as we want to maximize the APRT Box experience. You can give it as a gift, spoil a friend, a partner or simply get it for yourself!

To get it:

Promotion and special of the month *

Also new this year, we are adding a promotion of the year, the promotion of the month!

Every 1st of the month: Special of the month

Every 2nd of the month: Promotion of the month

*These 2 promotions may not be valid for the months of November and December.

Spring-summer 2021 collection

2 favorite prints!

Unique creations for you!

Color! YAY!

Comfort, softness!

New cuts!

Some 6-7 new pieces and lots of accessories!

Flashy people, you'll love it!

Planned release: Early MAY 2021!


Starting this year, we will be discontinuing the baggy raceback camisole model. If you wanted to get one, now is the time since unfortunately there will be no other models in production. We will focus on another model of sports tank top that you will definitely love the look of. I wouldn't do without it anymore!

A new sports color ?

Possibly, but we don't know when yet. :) To be continued !

FALL 2021

Prepare yourselves ! One of our fabric orders has already been made, all we have to do is wait for it to be delivered! We give you a clue: Ouaté ”. OMG!

This year, APRT will celebrate its 5th anniversary!

We are closely following the news / COVID, to know what we can or cannot do. We had 2 big ideas in mind which unfortunately were canceled in 2020 given the pandemic. However, we are keeping them in mind and hope that we will be able to hold our events soon.

I think 2021 will be another great year for us!

-Team APRT

February 12, 2021 — Annie-Pier Raymond


Wanda said:

C’est magnifique tous ces beaux projets là!
J’ai très hâte de voir les nouveautés à venir!💖
C’est sûr que je vais me procurer plus qu’une de tes nouvelles créations!
Soit pour offrir en cadeau ou pour moi même 🙊

Karyne Vaillant said:

Oh wow que de beaux projets pour 2021 !!! J’ai très hâte de voir tout ce que tu vas créer parce que c’est toujours beau !!

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