You are curious about our ways of doing things at APRT... well, follow us, let's go!
Fabric selection
First, we select fabrics from samples, or have our fabric design, specific to APRT, made in collaboration with our graphic designer Evelyne Bélanger. I then like to imagine what creations I will make with the selected fabrics. I often draw them in my diary so I don't forget them or I make voice memos on my cell phone. We place the order and a few weeks or months later the fabric arrives at the workshop ready to be unpacked, inspected and cut.
The cup
Then, once I have the idea in mind, I take the roll of fabric and place it on my cutting table. I choose the pattern in which I will cut the garment and make the test model for the photos.
Here we go ! I cut all the pieces of the garment.
Often there are days where I cut everything I need to sew and days where I sew everything I have cut. The tasks are therefore profitable.
The third step is to assemble the tailored clothes and that is my FAVORITE step!
I love sitting in my machines and eating fabric. :) It's an expression since our machines cut and give a beautiful finish to the clothes. Usually, a garment requires between 15 and 20 minutes of assembly and machine sewing!
Once assembly is complete, we finish the garment. That is to say, we change the sewing machine to make another seam to the garment. We then apply the information and composition label of the garment and the finishing label (logo). The garment is now ready to go to the final stage which will be revealed below.
Finally the garment arrives in our order room to be labeled with our size and price information labels.
We take the time to double inspect the clothing in order to find any imperfection or defect. We clean the garment to remove irrelevant residues such as hair, threads, dust, fur. We fold your clothes wisely by placing them in their respective box or envelope. We create the shipping label, often by Canada Post, and schedule a same-day pickup.
When you receive your sending notifications, this step is indeed complete. Our information in our system is therefore complete and finalized. So we are ready to start these 5 steps again and again!
I hope you enjoyed our capsules this week. I wanted to take you into the APRT universe which is not so big but very family 🥰
Photo credit: Photo Mille Mots
February 12, 2021 — Annie-Pier Raymond

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