I discovered the APRT company from its beginnings, almost 6 years ago. Although it happened by chance, it was love at first sight. Since then, I have purchased products every year. I love getting new clothes in general, but I always end up coming back to APRT. This loyalty can be explained by several reasons.


If we talk about the products themselves, they are very high quality, durable, extremely comfortable and they always have incredibly flattering cuts. Nothing better than an APRT piece to love what you see in the mirror!


As for the company itself, the customer service is simply exceptional: fast, simple, courteous and friendly. The customer experience is always pleasant and positive, whether when choosing pieces directly from the online store or making personalized requests.


I'll close by saying that the woman behind APRT is just as authentic as her company. In addition to offering us unique and magnificent products that allow us to feel beautiful and feminine while being comfortable, Annie-Pier brings happiness into the daily lives of her subscribers and gives them the desire to move, to take pleasure in life and let our creativity flourish.


Marie-Pier with her child

Marie-Pier B.

March 14, 2022 — Annie-Pier Raymond

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