I discovered APRT in its early days when I was looking for an original infinity scarf. When I found this designer, I quickly fell in love with her creations and placed my first order. I was not deceived. He was magnificent and unique.

A few years later, I discovered that she designed clothes. I hesitated a little before ordering but I succumbed because his creations were all more magnificent than the others. It was a difficult choice because there were so many beautiful fabrics and designs. I finally opted for a sweater with a big collar with a fabric specially created for APRT. When I received it, I was loved at first sight. Since then, I have been a fan of APRT.

I am always amazed by her new creations and I always look forward to her mini collection launches. She always surprises me with her clothes. Over time, I'm starting to have a pretty well-stocked wardrobe of APRT clothing: scarves, tunics, gorgeous dresses, sweaters that keep warm, lightweight sweaters, etc. In short, I love everything and I feel beautiful and good in her clothes! Her creations know how to pique curiosity and I am regularly asked about my beautiful sweaters! I am very proud to make my favorite seamstress known.

Finally, what I prefer most about this great company is undoubtedly the originality in the cuts, the choice of fabrics and the level of comfort of the clothes. In addition, the owner, Annie-Pier, provides excellent customer service. She responds quickly to our questions and advises us well. I also like to learn more about her by reading her newsletters or her blog section on her website. She deserves to be known and I am sure that you, in turn, will love this great company!

Kassandra C.

March 14, 2022 — Annie-Pier Raymond

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