I have to admit, I left the blog for a while. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself to do all the tasks I have to do for my company in a day.

However, what I can tell you is that I delegate more and more while keeping the "dada" of creation and production. The APRT team is slowly growing and I like that since I save my time for what excites me the most, which is the creation and development of new products/innovative ideas.

Today, I settled into the comfort of my kitchen in order to write to you for 2020. The arrival of the holiday season raises a lot of excitement in me but also a lot of reflections, decision-making.

In 2020, you will therefore find small changes such as:


1) I would take more (+) space in our facebook group : Forum APRT Creations

Click here - APRT Forum

If you know me, you know that I like to be authentic with you and I love talking to you, showing you "teasers", in short showing the daily life of APRT. You know, in a podcast that I listened to at some point (because yes I literally EAT hours and hours of podcasts while working in the workshop) our customers are our best ambassadors. It's so true! All together, we are a team, without you APRT would not be where it is today.


2) A newsletter will be created!

Yes I said to myself that it was high time for it to see the light of day. You will therefore be asked to check whether or not you wish to receive a newsletter at the rate of one per month in your mailbox. By this means you will therefore be able to have access to our promotional codes of the month (If I were you, I would tick yes since lots of nice things for you will be in this monthly email), in short, I say the same thing :)


3) The blog will be constant.

He too will be active at the rate of one article per month up to date and according to current interest. If you have any topics or themes that you would like to know, you can let me know... otherwise I have lots of ideas such as the arrangement of our clothes but also, training programs and what about our new mini-collections.


4) Secret Change

The fourth change, I'll reserve it for January 2020. (yes flat as well) :)


5) New product summer 2020

Judith and I will be working on a novelty which I believe will be very interesting for you, active women that you are, but which will simply arrive for the summer. I believe it will have its place in 2020 and I have been dying to bring this novelty to my online store for a while. I could have given the contract in China or in Bangladesh, if not in Vietnam, but I told myself that I would work on a model here first to see if it was really possible. I know that in 2020 several places in the world have improved a lot in terms of working conditions and quality. If I am able to provide employment here in Quebec first, I would. So it's an idea to follow and I'm crossing my fingers that it works.


6) Finito accessories?

I have to face the facts... My clothing line is predominant in my online store. I thrive and fulfill myself so much more designing women's clothing than designing accessories like our infinity scarves. In my head it seems like a thing of the past. APRT Créations was born thanks to them... but as my company follows the evolution of who I am, it's normal that it takes up less space and that it only makes sense that they decrease no It's is why you will notice a significant decrease in creations and uploads on all of our infinity scarf designs..


Reflecting and making decisions is not always easy. I believe when the entrepreneur cries out inside us for change, we have to listen. Freeing yourself from a harmful reality is undoubtedly the best thing you can do to make your company grow.


See you soon!

December 05, 2019 — APRTCréations Admin

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